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Reading and References


Competitive Intelligence – CI For Beginners, Part 1: What the Heck is Insight Work

“Intelligence is a set of internal activities to help understand and influence corporate strategy, deals, competitors, markets, and customers.”

It is much easier to answer what intelligence work DOES — it provides a 360-degree view of the past, present, and potential futures for a particular set of problems. The typical definition says something like “Competitive Intelligence is the art of turning ethically-collected data into actionable insights and strategies”. However, I think this definition is a bit too theoretical — it lacks practicality and application…..


Competitive Intelligence – CI For Beginners, Part 2: Engaging the Process

How do we take this academic model of intelligence, and put it to work? …Each path you decide to take will come with its own learning curve and challenges, but ultimately, your outcome is 100% yours to create. That said, lots of people say “I do competitive intelligence!” and act like it exists in a silo. If we are brutally, completely honest, you will have absolutely zero understanding of the competitors if you don’t also understand your market and industries, your clients/customers and other sociological, economic, and political forces at play…. 




Competitive Intelligence Work Group



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